The Great Healer

When my husband started getting sick I new it was an attack from the enemy.My husband has had pneumonia and his bronchitis and is getting better now.I had a fever for 6 days with a cough and went to the hospital with 3 EKG’s,and other tests. I was laying in a hospital bed wondering if I had a heart problem. My heart rate would start to make the machine make a noise when it got too low. This scared me and my husband was concerned too. We prayed and God made my heart rate go upto a regular pulse.Again we give all honor and Glory to our Awesome God.

I don’t know how we can afford to pay for the hospital bill. I do know that I am praying to find a job to help my husband pay bills and know God will provide.

The fact is God has control of life. We need to remember this everyday and be completely obedient with our lives to The Creator of heaven and earth.

We are in very good health and don’t take medication unless we need to.We eat healthy organic foods,get exercise and sleep.We believe in purifying the Temple of the Holy Ghost.

We believe in the power of prayer and that God blesses us for obedience.We follow the commandments not to be rewarded but because We love our Holy father in heaven our Almighty God.

When you are tested with an illness remember that God is all powerful,the great physician the great healer.Pray,believe God will answer your prayers.

Remember what ever the world throws at you that is not hard for God to look after.

Here is a great encouraging verse.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”Isaiah 40:29

God is our great healer.

We love you and thank you reading our blog.