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Angelic Protection

We were driving in a small town. My husband in the driver’s seat and I in the passenger seat. Driving towards the middle of a green light intersection. I have very sensitive ears and can hear the slightest of noises. I heard an engine and looked to my right side and an SUV was speeding straight towards the right side of the car. My whole life flashed before my eyes and all I could think of was my husband Rob and I were headed towards heaven. I had seconds to say, “whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa” and my husband heard me and looked at the oncoming SUV driver headed straight through the red light at us. Our Car stopped in the middle of the intersection. This was a divine miracle from God that the SUV passed us and we were protected. We both thank God we are alive and thank God for his divine spiritual protection.

Later on that day after rocovering, I asked my husband, “how he knew to put on the brakes at that moment? He said, “He knows what whoa means.” We thank God almighty for our lives.

Defintion of whoa

1 a command (as to a draft animal) to stand still
2 cease or slow a course of action or a line of thought : pause to consider or reconsider often used to express a strong reaction (such as alarm or astonishment)

This verse below reminds us of how God gives us angelic protection.
Psalms 34:7 KJV The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

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