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Healing and Love

God has been speaking to us from people’s writings and messages.

A pastor we listen to spoke about Mother’s and said, “Some Mother’s know their children are having troubles or pain even being on the other side of the world.”

This Is very true indeed.

A Mother wrote a blog about,” the loss of her child and how she was healing.”

I decided to write about my thoughts as writing does bring healing from God.

I can relate to these messages as I have experienced greif from a 16 year old child not wanting to talk to me who lives in a different country because of non Christian influence in their life. God knows some of the best Mom’s are the ones that are willing to let their Children live where they are to have better lives,education and pray for them and their souls.

I will continue to write posts of encouragement, praise to Our God because sharing testimonies of how God has turned loss and greif into something beautiful for His Glory is what is most important.

Healing can happen right after prayer or sometimes it can take years. God helps us to move forward and heal from experiences in life that bring us closer to Him.

1John4:19 We love him, because he first love us.

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