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Our God is so great

Songs bring us Joy in the Lord. We hope you will have Joy in the Lord and be blessed too.

Song; Our God is so great.

1) Our God, so great, He reigns above. 
He takes His time to show us love. 
So from on high He sent His Son, 
The Way, the Truth, the Only One. 

2) Now Christ is born, our Lord and King, 
His praise the earth we all shall sing. 
He’s born to die for all our the sin, 
But he will rise to reign again. 

3) With humbled hearts, and bended knee, 
We’ll praise You through eternity. 
Forever we shall sing your name, 
O Lord, Our God, always the same. 

4) Your glory and your majesty, 
Your splendid love, we wish to see. 
Shine light upon us in the night, 
And let it grant us blessed sight. 

5) Now he is back with life once more, 
And He has opened heaven’s door. 
Once all our days of pain are through, 
Then Christ will give us life anew. 

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