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People need Jesus not statues

While at a Catholic camp cleaning washrooms today.We went into their Church and saw how they have statues. Being born again Christian’s who follow God’s 10 commandments seeing statues in a church reminded us of how we are not to worship any idols or graven images. Having said,this it is a nice country church with real wood floors. All that I was thinking will these children and counsellours ever know about Jesus Christ and that they don’t have to pray to a preist they can have their own personal relationship with Jesus in prayer. Our prayer is that God will work in us to be a light to these people who need Jesus in this world.

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The importance of God’s Commandment keeping

How often do we read this verse and really focus on what it says.As Christians we can pray and talk to God anytime in prayer.

God wants us to Love him and keep his commandments.

Father God, We realize keeping your commandments is a sign between you and us as Christians. As we Love you and serve you help us to truly follow your commandments to show our Love for You.

John 14:15KJV If you Love me keep my commandments.