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A meek and quiet spirit is of great value to God

What is a meek and quiet spirit?

1. The spirit of God speaking truth with love and kindness.

2.Finding strength and character in Christ.

3.Having peace during hard times in life knowing God is in control.

4.Forgives quickly and is not easily offended.

5.Meekness demstrates restraint.

6. Emotions are lead by the spirit.

7. To not let things of this world have an affect on you,act with love from God.

Remember meekness is a mark or gift from God and is looked upon with contempt or jelousy from people of the world. Hold on to this special gift God has given you if you have obtained this as, “A meek and quiet spirit is of great value to God.”

Matthew5:5KJV Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.